Dear Devotees & Visitors,

Good day!!!. Exciting news! We’ve launched a convenient online request system to speed up the food ordering process at the canteen and reduce wait times. Feel free to use the form to place your order in advance, and Kindly note that the validity time of your request will be displayed on the online form. Enjoy your hassle-free experience!.

We’re delighted to introduce this online system for your convenience. Please bear with us for any initial hiccups as we work to make it even better. Your patience and understanding mean a lot, and we’ll be making continuous improvements to ensure a seamless experience for you. Thank you for trying it out!

Kindly note that,

  1. Canteen managed by dedicated The Saiva Manram (TSM) Volunteers. Kindly understand that we may experience occasional shortages or issues, as our team consists entirely of volunteers who are working diligently to meet your requirements. Your patience is greatly appreciated.
  2. Upon completing your online order, you will be provided with a unique online order number.
  3. Kindly proceed to the ordering counter and inform the staff of your online order number to facilitate your payment and receive food collection tokens.
  4. Follow the clear instructions on the food token to effortlessly collect your ordered items from the respective counters.
  5. The images presented are solely for illustrative purposes and may vary from the actual product.
  6. Before making your payment, please be aware that we’ll try our best to fulfill all your requests as listed. However, we want to gently let you know that we may not be able to guarantee the availability of every item upon your arrival at the canteen. Your understanding and patience are truly appreciated, and should you have any preferences or specific requirements, we’ll strive to make your experience as delightful as possible. We regret in advance that we cannot guarantee the availability of all items at the time of your arrival at the canteen.

Feel free to share any comments or feedback with us; we value your input!

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